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I'm a 33 year old Financial Controller based near Amsterdam, the Netherlands, with some background in programming. I have some minor experience in Python, got some certificates in 2015 and I can create basic scripts and programs. At the end of 2021, a friend of mine and I started the company Legendary Story. Where we design and make digital visuals, such as 3D-models, animation and create websites. This made me pick up programming again with a clear path in mind.

My hobbies are gaming, playing advanced classical guitar and I also like walk in nature to photograph the scenery and the animals living there, which really is relaxing.


Here are some pictures that i'm proud of, for more pictures please visit my portfolio on Youpic.

I also photograph professionally via my company Legendary Story.

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Old bicycle at farm Flathead Mushrooms in a field Cat closeup Light shining through dark clouds above forest Finch on mossy treebranch Sparrow on a ledge Trees alongside a path in autumn Diagonal trees with sunshine Old shoes used as plantpots Girl showing dolls

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